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I hate you today

with might that moves mountains

bursting from my ashed core

filled with empty cigarettes

of burning promises

that passionatly burned me


With volcanic power

that shakes the very planet

from its orbit

erupting with melting magma

eroding all those foreseen fantasies

that I have created

to fill the blank surface

of my planet

covering it with the thick

deathly layer, freezing

the moments I thought


With tidal waves of wrath

coming from the very ends of the earth

with an acceleration only the gods can create

to wash away the much that infiltrated

itself between my ribs

shutting the bright sun rays

from shining into my heart

With the tornados of change

with an F scale yet to be discovered

to swirl your insides

with winds throwing lines of thought

here and there

papercutting your insides

the same way

the butterfly wings in my stomach

turned to blades

shattered what I thought

they called "feeling"

With storms that crush

shatter, efface, and destroy

all the base of what once started to grow

to abort all sense of hope

all sense of growth that reached

towards the sun, aiming high

like most things in the beginning

they rise with abundant energy

aching for more

more, feeding the sinful nature

of being human

more ... more.. more...

With earthquakes

vibrating from my very core

strong enough

to break earth in half

one half for me

the other for you

and separate them

with a gap

restructioring the pangea

of continents

Today I hate you

Just a Taste

The cold never felt warmer that night

he was on my bed, taken and yet so close

my eyes feasted on his innoncence that drenched

itself in bottles of sin.

There on my bed belonging to someone else

but my hands wanted him, all of him

my hands wanted to slither

under his shirt, all the way up to his chest

where my head used to lay

to rest it there, hoping his heart

would familiarize itself with my touch

His hand was re-tracing the path on my silhouette

that was lying next to him, helpless, yet so aware

that I could feel my skin breathing

I lifted my head to see his face,

My eyes have never burned for something as much

as it did for him,

My eyes had so much fire in them that I feared

they would speak for themselves

and melt all sense of boundaries

... and they did ...

I got closer my mouth magnetically attracted itself

to his, the tugging and pulling at the truth

swaying in the middle

playing between the "wrong" and "should not" of it all

I got closer and so did he

Then I pulled back,

our breaths could not pace fast enough

our bodies could not endure the space anymore

the passion overcame the known

and honestly it erased all of sense of it

It teleported us to a moment that never fled

ethics gone, rules dissolved,


He calibrated his guitar
concentrated and naked
he lay his guitar
on his thigh and caressed its neck
making that screeching rustic noise

He looked at her, porcelain skin
it was 5am, on the cusp of dawn
they made love the night before
and her body bore the signs of yesternights delights
her light breathing, made him smile
her waist, that curve
that he smoothly traced with his fingers

that was his switch

He strum the strings

he had so much to tell her

but he couldn't, it wasn't his nature

but he had a voice that would awaken her inner demons

he had a voice that would melt the coldest of situations

that and he sang, oh he freaking sang

that was his nature

He took a gulp white wine

that rested miraculously on the nightstand

*how the hell didn't it fall?"

He, strum again

she turned, to him

shuffling his black and white sheets

she squinted at him, half asleep, half awake

"come here babym it's too early"

and turned her back to him, her golden hair

injected magic into the colors of dawn

his room vibrated with their energy

he strum his guitar, the creaking of its wood

reminded him of the bedframe's

he smiled, night flashes swamped his mind
every creak his guitar made, took him back
to yesternight, to when her arms embraces his body
and traced her nails downwards
feeling every bone, every muscle

He thrust, he strum
her breaths were music to his ears
her moans orchestrated the hairs on his back to react
he thrust again, he strum harder
night versus day
beautiful sins versus sun bright innocence

He diverted his vision to the view outside

the sun was shy to shine, it wanted to prolong that messy night
"what a night"
He vocalized every single thing he wanted to tell her
he talked about her smile, her mess, her tantrums
her tongue, her hip bones, her tiny tattoo that took her forever to get
he sang it all, he sang to the skies, his voice reached the heavens
just like hers, yesterday when he gave her a taste of paradise
when he showed her how the heavens comply to her screame

those magical noises of her, all her and her with him

He turned back, he's strumming
humming, feeling her breath on his neck
as she vocalized her love for him
between catchcing her breath
and exhaling kisses

Barely Breathing

He pinned her down
arms resting on her wrists
those delicate fragile little joints
"let me" he said
between his hot breaths
She looked at him
her lover towering over her
his eyes full of so many things
so much that he'd left it for his body
to do all the talking
He looked at her beneath him
willingly succumbing to his manhood
she secretly liked that helplessness.. for a while
Her vision rode on his every visible vein
on every protruding muscle
starting from his arms
to his chest, all the way
to the tower between his thighs

He neared her face
flushed red cheeks
“let me”
“…but kiss me” she said
trying to toy with him
by pushing him upwards
knowing his strength is unmatched

He looked at her
as if all the beauty in the world
is right there, glowing, sweating
panting beneath him

Her eyes pierced his
hypnotizing him, weakening him
attracting him closer
He slowly got closer to her lips

He dove his lips towards hers
juicy and still tasting like chapstick
he lubricated them with his tongue
smoothening the entrance to her holy tongue

Warm and sweet, his tongue teased her
by slowly caressing hers, he knew she wanted more
her body pushed upwards
her mouth wanted more
her tongue longed to dance with his
He kissed her, his tongue
felt every cell of hers, his tongue
tangoed with all the passion in world
with hers

He wanted to give her some air
he felt that she needed it, especially after
she orchestrated her moans to the tune of her pleasure

He still above her
took one finger and licked it
while keeping his sight on her,
his ethereal lover
and surprised her orifice below
already wet, his finger slid through easily
between her tight soft walls

She moaned tilting her head backwards
and pushing against his finger
considering how shy she was, at that moment
she put her shyness in a jar and set it out to sea

As he caressed her pleasure walls,
her muscles clenched, uncontrollably
signaling her nearing the epitome of ecstasy  



Mind infused with different poisons
those that inhibit the socially acceptable you
and strip you from the guard you have up
all the time

He drove home
across the the hazy lit highway
the street lights were so hazy
they had no borders
they were floating
just like her mind

She was sitting in the passenger seat
legs up on the window
head back

He was silent
trying to find an ounce of sobriety just to get them home

Suddenly he parked
"we're here"
she gathered her loose limbs
and her levitated mind scavenged for her purse and shoes
in the back
she always takes them off during car rides
she likes the fleeting moment of the wind against her feet

She got her keys out
and opened the door
he followed her,
They've been living together for quite sometime now
but with her, sometimes she wants to be alone
and kicks him out, others, she longs for him to warm
her bed, his side of the bed at least

They got home, she rushed to her room
to play some music, sometimes the silence
terrifies her, she finds sanctuary in deep beats
even some acoustics to compliment the night

She let it shuffle
as she undressed a certain tune started to play
for some reason it injected the night with a perfume of seduction
one that awakened her from the toxic senses
and inhibited her, wholey

She looked at him sitting at the end of the bed
rolling his cigarette
in his boxers,
It was the middle of August and her AC was broken

"Gahd dammit that song"
The darkness of the night embraced her being
it stripped her from the proper person she always is
it stripped her from that dress that carefully fell on her curves
it broke her guard, it dilated her pupils
she knows what she wants

He looked at her
as he shred the tobacco
as she undressed
her sunkissed skin made him jealous
jealous of the fact that every ray tattooed
a part of its glow on her
on her silhouette
He knows what he wants

"tick" Electricity went off
"FUCK" she said
"my rollie" he said

She turned her back to find a t-shirt
he saw the glow of the moon align her spine
and rest at the curve, that little dip at the end of her back
He loved that

"She's fucking gorgeous" he thought
He put the rollie on the side
and got up
and slowly settled his hands on his hip bones

he shadowed her from the back
his pounding chest released ripples of goosebumps on hers

They both were infused with that song
it's like they were hypnotized by every beat
their beings were guided by the night

He turned her and kissed her
well, tasted her, and abruptly stopped
he teased her
she wanted more,
she curved her hand around
his neck, got him closer
and savored him, her lips tasted like
godly wine, he thought
he loved the way, their tongues waltzed
to that darn song, their emotions twirls
as their tongues did
he embraced her, as if some sort of power
is drawing him nearer
and she bit his lip wanting more

He carried her to bed
or as she called it
"the playground"
Guiding his hand from her back to her head
so as to lay her gently
she wrapped her legs around him
and let gravity take its toll

He lay her there,
jousting kisses, interrupted by
the short lived piano beats the song played
with every note she took a breath so as to resume
to her lover, with such burning passion

"I want you" she says
when he heard her whispering voice
his body vibrated with lust, she was his woman
his lover, he felt her wetness
her rose awaiting to welcome him
she was shaking with burning anticipation
she nailed her hands in his back
he wanted to be inside of her
he wanted to feel her warmth against his manhood
he wanted to awaken the untamed version of his lover
that he and only he knew

He loved how her voice vocalizes pleasure
adding sexuality to the song as it blasted in the background
he entered her, she looks at him
her eyes speak volumes when
he marveled at her body
her curves, how her breaths and her breasts moved simultaneously
how everything he did made her move beautiful
even the way she kisses him differed
his chest pounding
his love for her multiplying
her legs pulling me
it was her lover
submitting to his natural state
and her to her wild one
she glared at his dark hazel eyes
he knew
she wanted control
he slowly raised her
and set himself below
weak in front of her
facing such a beautiful woman
with an arched back
and the movement of seductive goddess

She knew how to stroke his fancy
how to pleasure his lust
how to play with his naughtiness
how to dance with his demons
how to control his peak
and how to tease it
with every movement of her waist against his
he moans, loving the mental and physical connection
he rests his hands on her hip
slowly guiding her

with the song, she moaned
shaking from the flood of pleasure
he embraced her
feeling her clenching to him
not wanting that moment to flee

as she lay on his chest
the song kept looping
his heart kept beating
in sync with her breathing

"Let's have a drink"

has been the mantra

that they incorporated in their lives

they blocked out the sun

so their activities are limited

and they're car-less situation doesn't help either

coming home drenched in sweat

their mentality is already targetted

towards colored drinks

cigarettes and music

"They have blocked out the sun for too fucking long" she said

"Why the hell do they let it peek in and out, for fuck's sake" she, hot with sweat

poured the dew decorated russian standard in plastic cups with one hand

and swiped her forhead with the other

"they've been ass holes about this" as the other dropped

melting ice cubes in the vodka

Without any light, their mental map of their apartment

has been so over used, that their legs walked them

to the room!

they were topless, so as to have as little covering their pores

Her lover walked in, hair curled to one side

humidity has no mercy!

Sitting in darkness

her friend showed up

with booze, just to ease the anger

of melting in that domed city

the drinks poured and their minds fled

the heat confused them

they were either delusional or getting to the land of drunk

"music guys MUSIC" she yelled

they stumbled to their phones just to play

any tune to melodify the tense ambiance

that was not settling well with the heat

as her lover clicked play

the fan started rotating...

"woohoo it's fucking back, electricity you one sexy bitch

you were missed"


sight is just mesmerizing" her friend slurred

as she moved towards a cheer

time flew by, it's glorious

the wonder of that drink mixed with laughter and music

she sat cross legged in front of her friend

he looked at her differently

He hasn't seen her in weeks

it was bound to happen, their busy lives

have been the sucking parasite embedded

in their being

They're mature enough

not to vomit emotions

but read them

He sat there, reading her

page by page, noticing how each

droplet of sweat made its way down her chest

He sat there, breathing in sync with her

His eyes fired up every time she looked back

she heard him, his vision was loud enough

that the words would echo in her heart

the room was buzzing with humor

serious talk and the girls marveling at

how much love there is kept inside

but surfaces at the mere tipsy situation

A song played, they all joined in

entwining their pasts into one song

yet each traveling down a different memory lane

it's just magical

Time.. ticked ......a lot

Her girlfriend hugged the pillow

as if it were a cloud carrying her thoughts away

into dream sleep

she still sat there, cross legged

across from him

She hasn't seen him as well

they sat and talked until their words wrapped up in each other

leading their bodies into a messy unstable dance

to her heat infused room

he wanted her and she him

she stood there, he looked at her

he knows her, he knows her well

she shys away, she wants perfection

but he was melting in the opposit

she found herself lying on her back

shadowed by him,

"I did miss you, you idiot"

messy and sweaty

she kissed him, she kissed him passionately

she hasn't done that in a while, her breath could not escape

she knotted her arms around his beck

looked back at him, narrating novels and novels

with her eyes, her kisses filled libraries of literature

long, wet, beautiful literature

her body ached to unite with his

orechestrating one of nature's most beautiful symphonies

with chaotic notes that leave one entity to enter the other

He cupped her face, she was warm and breathing hard

he removed those rebellius strands of her from her face

he wanted to see her ...like see her

His breathing was also short paced

she looked at him and embraced him

her naked body could feel his heart pounding

from within his ribcage

she felt his body inscribing how much he missed her

she felt his warm skin satisfied at the touch of her body

He hugged her, carried her to move her to his side

he miscalculated defied the laws of physics

and stumbled on the ground bursting with laughter

recovering from tipsy thoughts

infused with an overdose of reality

she lay there

he lay there

"don't go" she said

"I have to" he replied

Wicked Game

It was late
Of course it was, their night was infused
with hazy doses of colorful drinks
and loud music, did I mention the cigarettes
and burning chemistry?
They went home
He held her by the waist
where his handed landed beautifully
on her hip bones
the perfect fit
As he opened the door the wind
danced with his masculine cologne
and it gave her a whiff

She still couldn’t stand up, his hand
tightened as she tried to balance her unbalance
He opened the door
Her doze slowly slipped away
As she silently planned her lustful moves
She wants him, that’s for sure

He set his keys on the table next to the door
She stood there, leaning on the wall
feasting her eyes on him, on his
textured back, his ass
As her eyes scan that physique that she longs for
and is glad is hers
her heart scans those caring actions, that beating soul
that beast inside

He looked at her, to make sure she’s still there
She’s still leaning on that way, feasting her eyes
on her masculine MAN.
His eyes caught hers, she blushed and looked away
He smirked, because he knew!

Silently, she wobbled up to the bedroom
She is slowly waking up from the alcohol
and so is the burning sensation within
He laid his eyes on her, his eyes smiled
knowing that wobbling beautiful creature
will fully be his, he smiled at the fact that she is super

He followed her up to their bedrooms
He starts to breathe heavily, knowing the intensity
that will erupt within the two

He lost her, he spun his head around the room,
then he heard “wicked game” play in the background
He heard the notes, his body reacted,
he turned and there she was
in her black lace lingerie,
fully awake, eyes wide open, almost
devouring him, without even touching him

She got closer to him, he could feel the heat
she could feel his longing for her body, for her temple
She stood in front oh him, his breathing
sent goose bumps all over her chest, yes she was burning for him
but played it naughty, she teased him

Licking her lips, those luscious juicy lips, she wanted to
kiss him, with such immense power, it would make the Gods shake
in the heavens
She slowly moved her hands to surround his neck,
She kissed him, oh fuck, if kissing him was like this?
She thought!

As the song escalated, so did their desire
She, a fire sign,
sat on a the bed, her body left beads of sweat
to glisten
She waited for him,
the magnetic pull between her legs
perceived her lover as he undressed
He got closer to her
She grabbed him by the shoulders
pulled him down
“Fuck, what’s this intense desire
to taste you, to bite you?”
Her tongue met with his, the juicy kisses
somehow pulled her closer to him,
He slid his hand behind her back
She felt his organ,
fuck she wants it, and she’s wet and ready
Without asking him, she quickly grabbed it
it’s big and hard, she smiled in content
She wanted to reward him for what God graced him with
like a slithering snake, she maneuvered her way on top
She slid his “tented” boxers, and planted
small kisses on his majestic pleasure giver
She tasted his juices, she kissed it more
wetting it enough, she secretly enjoyed it

His moans drove her crazy
She ripped his boxers and he her lacey
black panties that give him glimpses of her
wet flower

She grabbed his member, and slid him in
She blushed and gushed with fluids,
that throbbing member straightened her out
She slowly moved, up and down, she clenched
so as to feel everything even those veins
She slowly slithered her body, her gyrating movement
left him wanting more

With beast like instincts
He grabbed her by her soft ass
then he spanked it,
“OH BABY” she screamed

He suddenly, without pulling out
moved in a way, so that she lay on the bed
her constant smile, was beautiful

He couldn’t resist being tamed with such a beauty
in his bed, giving herself to him
He just couldn’t
He held her legs around his waist
She closed them and pushed him in
His motions numbed her,
Her screams hushed him
They were both reaching
their ultimate elation

She landed her nails on his back
Pushed him in
She wanted it ALL
The with a satisfied scream
she came
He came
His breaths were fast paced
She giggled,
her giggles were interrupted by
pleasurable moans
He smiled
She kissed him

What if

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